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January 19, 2024 2 min read

Greetings, Nakee enthusiasts! Today, let's chat ingredients and dive into the deliciousness together, because knowing what's in you're eating is just as important to us as it is to you!

It may sound like an ingredient from Lord of the Rings, but elderberries are a lot more than their fantasy name and diminutive size imply. These little berries, whose scientific name isSambucus and which need to be cooked to be safe for consumption, provide ample health benefits and are a crucial active ingredient in Nakee Butter Immunity!

Packed with antioxidants, particularly anthocyanins, elderberries contribute to the body's defense against oxidative stress, which is linked to various chronic diseases and the aging process. These berries have been associated with immune-boosting properties due to the multitude of vitamins and other valuable molecules they contain:

  • Vitamin A, which is indispensable for immune system maintenance and also helps to keep the eyes healthy, specifically though providing materials necessary to both night and color vision;

  • Vitamin B6, an essential nutrient which plays a key role in enzyme reactions across the body, most notably related to the creation of neurotransmitters and hemoglobin;

  • Vitamin C, another essential nutrient that functions in the production of neurotransmitters, is critical in the production of collagen (key to joint health) and is part of the equation for multiple enzymes related to digestive function;

  • Flavonids, which are believed to help reduce the length and intensity of colds and the flu, as well as assisting with constipation;

  • Anti-inflammatories, which combat the previously mentioned oxidative stresses, as well as contributing to cardiovascular health;

  • Fiber, which helps effect the positive and continued function of the gut;

  • Potassium, which aids the health of the kidneys (studies have shown it might even reduce the risk of kidney stones!), the management of high blood pressure and potentially the body's internal processes for bone maintenance.

Some studies have also suggested that elderberry extract may help inhibit the replication processes of certain cold and flu viruses as well. It's interesting, then, that the elder tree that spawns these berries is also integral to a number of traditions and beliefs in different areas and religions, including those of the Romani people and paganism. It is believed by some that the presence of the tree or its leaves could be used to help ward off evil spirits, not unlike its berries' scientifically-understood functions today. Elderberries were also used in cheap wine during the Middle Ages, a practice that helped inspire John Cleese's line in Monty Pythonfor which elderberries may be the most famous.

Additionally, there is some evidence that elderberries have further holistic purposes, including the treatment of epilepsy, headaches and even the mediation of the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Studies conducted by the Chinese health authority and examination of their findings by other scientists have looked into elderberries being used to combat coronavirus as well, and some benefits were found; further study is needed to confirm the efficacy of this treatment course, however. 

As you can see, there's a lot to these little berries! We hope that this post helped you see why we consider them such a critical part of the Nakee Butter Immunity formula. Thanks for reading!

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