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February 02, 2024 2 min read

Greetings, Nakee enthusiasts! Today, let's chat ingredients and dive into the deliciousness together, because knowing what's in you're eating is just as important to us as it is to you!

Sunflower lecithin is one of those things that just soundslike a healthy ingredient, and it is! It's a natural fat and one of the key parts of Nakee Butter. Today we'll learn a bit more about what it is lecithin is and does!

On our end of things, it helps as a binding agent for our spreads, serving as a natural emulsifier that helps give the butter its smooth and consistent texture. For you, though, lecithin has a lot more benefits, the most prominent of which is combining with other ingredients in Nakee Butter to help bolster brain health and cognitive function.

Lecithin is a source of phospholipids, which the body naturally converts into choline, itself an essential nutrient similar to B vitamins that helps with the creation of cell structures and new neurotransmitters. It's a lot of big science-y words, some of which I admittedly had to look up, but lecithin definitely helps keep the trend of promoting brain health here at Nakee!

Additionally, sunflower lecithin is often chosen as an alternative to soy lecithin, as well as that derived from other sources, because it avoids the presence of common allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that a lot of those possess. Sunflower lecithin also supports cardiovascular and liver health, and there has been an expanding body of research developed into its efficacy for combating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia

Overall, sunflower lecithin has a report card covered in all A's! It hits all the marks for the kind of ingredient that we're proud to have in our spreads, and that's exactly why it's there. Thanks for reading, and we hope you learned something today; this is Brendan the Intern, signing off. 

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