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December 06, 2020 2 min read

So much love & gratitude to everyone who has come to Eastern Market to visit us since our return & to those who have supported us through the Grow Eastern Market curbside service. 

Seeing all of your beautiful faces (at least the top halves of them lol) brings a smile to ours. 

The warmth and support you've given us has truly filled our cups, and has given us inspiration to keep up the progress we've experienced despite this otherwise challenging year. 

That being said-- we only have 2 WEEKS LEFT at Eastern Market before they shift into winter season.

So, make sure you come and see us on one of the dates listed below!


  • Saturday, December 12 (Shed 2 off of Russel St.)
  • Sunday, December 13 (Holiday Market - Shed 5)
  • Saturday, December 19 (Shed 2 off of Russel St.)
  • Sunday, December 20 (Holiday Market - Shed 5)



Have you ever found yourself telling someone, "Omg you have to try this stuff. It is so good and it's actually good for you," then secretly stash your extra Nakee Butter pouch because you don't want to give it up? We know how it is. 

Well, tis' the season of giving so we are making it a little easier for you to give the gift of getting Nakee this year. 😜

We are running an Eastern-Market-exclusive* deal on $30 gift-wrapped 12-packs of Nakee Butter iQ! 🎁

These beautiful lil babies come complete and ready to be gifted:

  • hand-written holiday note
  • Nakee Butter iQ info. cards 
  • Nakee Butter iQ pouch window cling
  • gift-wrapped inside & out


It's could not be easier to #getnakee for your friends and loved ones.

Peep the SCHEDULE  above for availability & location!


(*this deal is only available in-person at Eastern Market OR available via Eastern Market's curbside service: Grow Eastern Market  beginning Monday, December 7.) 


Happy holidays Nakee Tribe! Hope to see you! ❤️