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CARE culture experiment (evernote notes) 


long-term happiness is acheived through altruistic behavior. truth be told, when we bring happiness and gratitude to another person just because, that shit feels good.

why would you not want to sprinkle that shit everywhere?



we are providing you with that opportunity to obtain that feeling.  and honestly, it helps to get our small company more widely known by getting nakee butter into the hands of more people, and into their bellies and the best part is you give what you feel we deserve. there is no set amount on what  all donations go to making and sending out packages of nakee butter to people who need that little something extra to keep them from climbing onto that metaphoric ledge. 


your vibe attracts opportunity or lack thereof.  by handing out good vibes like its candy, sets you up to receive an abundance of good vibes 


the intention of 'CARE' is to initiate a random act of compassion towards another human for no particular reason. 

Acts of compassion have proven greatest long-term contentment and happiness versus chasing resources that only produce short-term feelings of fleeting happiness.

Effect: virtuous actions towards others have the ability to transform our psyche to a positive mindset. 

Translation: intentional actions of kindness directed to others can bring more joy to that person than we realize. 

We can all relate to that feeling which embodies us when we receive a package in the mail.  

 What do you get for your donation ?

1) One amazeballs pouch of nakee butter shipped to the person of your choice

2) The chance to really make someones day a little better by receiving a package in the mail that they did not expect

To begin...

Click the donate button below:

A) You will be taken to the PayPal CARE page where you will be able to choose the amount you want to give.

If you like what we are doing, PLEASE choose the "recurring monthly donation" box.

B) Type the name and address of the recipient in the details box. 

C) That's it.  We will take care of the rest. 

How do you feel now that you did something unexpected for someone? Pretty awesome right? Bask in that feeling and know that you've just added a wee bit of good in the world that was not there before.   *****check with sprouts paypal acct. to make sure this info is valid*****        

My Promise 

I vow to keep 'CARE' paying it forward for as long as you beautiful people will support it. 


Someone CARE s about you. Rather than finding out who, and pay them back, please pay it forward and initiate a random act of compassion for someone else, because it could mean so much more to that person than you may ever know." {This would be lasered on the cork business card}^^ rather than the pic of me or my name and on the page**** www.nakeebutter.com/care