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Still lost? nakee butter has been compared to Nutella, minus all the unhealthy crap, and with peanuts rather than hazelnuts... so nothing like Nutella, except maybe the consistency.  

nakee butter is Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Raw with real food ingredients to make up the nutritionals.


Q) What flavors are there?

A) Our debut flavor is chocolate peanut butter.   

Q) What's mct oil? (medium-chain triglyceride)

A) Our brain uses glucose for energy to function on a daily basis.  The problem with glucose, is the brain has to use energy to break down the glucose into a useable form, ending in a game of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  But when the brain has alternate fuels available like mct oil, the mitochondria utilizes this form of energy because there is no need to use energy to make energy when there is some readily available.  It would be like going to gas station with a full tank of gas.  

The energy in mct oil are called ketones, which are made up of a high concentration of lauric, capric, caprylic, and caproic acids.

When we get brain fog, the cause of this is an excess of amount of oxidants on the brain. nakee butter has high amount of antioxidants to help eradicate the oxidation and relieve you of making dumb mistakes that we all make with brain fog.   


mental clarity

increased energy levels 

metabolic rate increase including weight lose, speeds all inner and outer body healing, protection from illness, and cardiovascular health


Q) What is a superfood?

A) The Oxford Dictionary states that a superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being."

The nakee dictionary classifies a superfood as, "Having high quantities of micro and macronutrients with back-to-basics ingredients coupled with the ability to make one feel good naked." 

Nakee Butter iQ is an organic peanut butter-cacao spread with benefits packaged in an easy-to-carry squeeze pouch. The benefits of Nakee Butter iQ are Focus + Perform; focus comes from the MCT oil and perform from the 10g of plant protein.

Knead, squeeze, massage… Mouthgasm. Our favorite way to get nakee is to eat it straight from the pouch, but you can check out our recipe page and Instagram @nakeebutter for ideas!

We are based in Detroit, Michigan.

MCT stands for medium-chain-triglycerides. It’s a concentrated fat derived from coconut oil that our bodies digest easily, so it provides instant energy and improved cognitive function.

Plant protein is the most efficient source of protein that our bodies can utilize. We use both brown rice + pea protein in Nakee Butter iQ for a complete amino profile. Without both our bodies do not fully reap the benefits of the protein. Combining these two types of protein ensures that your body is getting all of the amino acids and nutrients essential for muscle growth and repair.

Our spreads with benefits are nakee and free of bullshit ingredients. We all want to feel good nakee, and with Nakee Butter you can feel good about what is going in your body.