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What the hell is MCT oil?

Mct= medium chain triglycerides, also known as medium chain fatty acids.  Mct oil is coconut oil, fractionated. Fractionated means, taking out two specific fatty lipids C6 & C8 (capric & caprylic acids) from coconut oil and concentrating them into making a ready-to-go source of energy for instant fuel for the brain.


Alzheimer link here.  


  1. A) Our brain runs on glucose for fuel to function on a daily basis.  The problem with glucose, is the brain has to use its energy to break down the glucose into a useable form, ending in a game of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  But when the brain has alternate fuels available like mct oil, the mitochondria utilizes this form of energy because there is no need to break down energy when its ready to go to. It would be like going to gas station with a full tank of gas.  

The fuel in mct oil is called ketones, which are made up of a high concentration of capric, and caprylic acids.

When we get brain fog, the cause of this is an excess of amount of oxidants on the brain. nakee butter has high amount of antioxidants to help eradicate the oxidation and relieve you of making dumb mistakes that we all make with brain fog.   


mental clarity

increased energy levels 


Ketones have a neuroprotective effect, breathing new life into brain cells.

A published article in “neurotherapeutics” claimed that animals that have many brain diseases had improved brain function when ketones were introduced.

Animals that had regular brain function showed that the ketones from MCT actually improved mental clarity and focus allowing clearer thinking with quicker decision making capability.


So why not just eat a bunch of coconut oil to achieve the same effects?

Coconut oil is 72% saturated fat. In order to get the same amount of mct from coconut oil we would have to eat almost twice as much coconut oil to get the same from mct oil. Our digestive systems can not handle the high amounts of lauric, myristic, palmitic, and stearic fat (found in coconut oil) without close calls of sharting. Coconut oil contains about 66% mct’s which is where pure mct oil is 100% caprylic and capric fatty acids. 

Pure mct oil is made up of caprylic and capric fatty acids. When concentrated, these two medium-chain fats have shown numerous benefits to helping out brain function and cognition.