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January 26, 2022 1 min read

Throwing it back to the very beginning of 2021 with sentimental feelings about a banner. 🙈⠀

Reflecting on opening up this larger-than-life Nakee Butter banner brings a smile to our faces. We were so excited when we received it that we had to set it up right away... and take selfies of course. 😏⠀

Since this day, the banner has been beaten up a bit.⠀
It has seen many days at @easternmarket -- catching the eyes of passers by, it's felt the rain and the wind on it's fabric, as we have on our faces. ⠀

It served as a beacon at Barefoot and Free Yoga Festival, signaling morning and late night Nakee-paninis for the yogi warriors that kept it going from the time the sun rose until the stars shone because that's what being in love with life looks like sometimes. ⠀

It has sparked countless conversations, inviting Nakee novices to lean into their curiosity and learn more, leading them to try a sample and have their first Nakee Butter mouthgasm. 👅⠀

Over this past year, it has served us time and time again. ⠀
It may not be quite as clean, and it's a bit bent and snagged in some places, but it stands tall, serves its purpose, and we love it all the same.

It's beautiful how seemingly insignificant things can hold such space for us.


#getnakee #2021reflections #2021recap
#newyear #nakeebutter #cacao #peanutbutter
#plantprotein #vegan #glutenfree

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