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January 26, 2022 1 min read


One of my favorite lessons that a coach of mine always says is: “Remember your future.”

This may seem like a tricky concept, but stick with me here... 

What she means by remembering your future is using your higher faculties like memory and imagination to idealize the life you want, then bring it forward with gratitude and inspired action. 

Memories are stored in our subconscious and sometimes their value expires and we don't replace them with images that actually WORK FOR US. 
We let old paradigms get in the way of our happiness and success. 

Remembering your future can be done through meditation, vision boards, manifestation, affirmations, etc. 
Whatever your mode is, use it and use it repeatedly. 

The goal is to replace those memories of what has always been and to replace them with exactly what YOU WANT! 

Take the time to ask yourself, "How do I want to feel for the rest of my life & what does that look like to me?" 

Sit with those feelings and create those images clearly in your mind. 
Write them down.
Feel them.
Express outrageous gratitude for the life you're creating.

Grab a Nakee Butter & get focused because we are heading into 2022 with a clear vision of who the fuck we want to be. 👊🏻🔥

Let’s get it Nakee Tribe!

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