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March 03, 2022 1 min read

How a simple game of Yahtzee inspired deep reflection

Last week I was playing Yahtzee with my parents (a family tradition), and at a point in the game, I was dead-set on getting my full house.

I had a 3-of-a-kind in 3's and to get the full house, all I needed was a pair in any number.

I was so set on getting the full house that I had closed my imagination off to other possible outcomes.

I rolled the dice and out popped a pair of 3's.

I had gotten a Yahtzee! 🎲


It was that particular moment that made me recognize that all too often we get fixated on the outcome.

We focus on the plan and fail to open ourselves up to the endless possibilities that the universe has to offer us.


Don't get me wrong-- plans are fantastic.  

But without a doubt, the best of plans have an intrinsic element of adaptability.


When we set our intentions and then proceed with total openness and curiosity, that is when we welcome receiving even better circumstances than we originally hoped for!


Something I've since adopted is a concept I learned from world-renowned author and inspirational speaker, Mike Dooley:  

He says that whenever you're asking for something, whether it be from the universe, from yourself, from god/spirit/whoever--ALWAYS attach the phrase "or better" to the end of the request.

That way, you remain open to the even-better potentialities in every situation.


It's funny how inspiration sometimes comes from the seemingly least likely experiences.
Wishing you all a surprise-Yahtzee type of day! 😉

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