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November 15, 2022 1 min read

There were tears, and there was laughter.

There were punches thrown and embraces held.

Ties were broken and new bonds were formed.

True masculine alchemy took place here.

If I were to describe the Sacred Sons experience in one sentence, it would be this:

A spiritual bootcamp that encourages radical empowerment and embodiment of the divine masculine.

Masculinity gets a bad rap sometimes. You hear it all the time in the media: Toxic masculinity this, toxic masculinity that. But the reality is that true consciousness requires embracing and balancing both the feminine AND the masculine.

At Sacred Sons, we focused on the four C’s:

Create – Creation of a sacred, safe container for men to truly express their deepest and often most skirted emotions.

Connect—Connection to fellow brothers seeking healing, and connection to oneself most importantly.

Confront—Confrontation of inner demons and suppressed feelings. Unapologetically calling out the shit that men are all guilty of holding onto.

Celebrate—Celebration of overcoming those suppressed feelings of fear, doubt, shame, inadequacy. Honoring those feelings and working through them in ways that do not sweep them under the rug, but instead alchemizing the energy to show up more fully in the divine masculine.

True brotherhood is established here.
Much like the idea of mycelium, the concept of BROCELIUM refers to the interconnectedness of men embracing connection over competition.
Confrontation over suppression.
Creation over consumption. Healing over enduring.

We learned to express, not explain the energy. We ourselves are the containers.

We learned to carry with us the strength to embody this energy.

As within, so without.
As above, so below.

Gratitude, @sacredsons for creating the container to make this alchemization possible.

Mitakuye Oyasin -- AHO!



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