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January 24, 2023 2 min read

⚠️Warning: This message contains a bit of tough love.⚠️

Let's get into it.

One unwavering truth we can all agree upon is that actions always speak louder than words. 


As nice as it would be, life is not measured by intentions. 

Instead, it is marked by actions. 


You cannot think your way into earning that degree, certification, or training. 


Just talking about calling your friends more often does not make them feel more loved or supported.


Promising yourself to eat healthier is a great start, but it isn’t worth a damn until you actually get yourself to procure proper produce and proteins. 


You can wish and dream for the perfect position to fall into your lap, and it may come, by the grace of some miracle. However, the surest way to ascertain that potentiality is to actively seek it. 


Envision yourself picking up that painting hobby you've been neglecting and see if a work of art just magically appears before you. It won't.  


None of your achievements were accomplished by just thinking or talking about them. 


Now, don't get me wrong...

The energy created by thoughts is undeniably powerful. Thinking about your goals and coating those thoughts in optimism can have the power to accelerate completion and make the goal 10x more enjoyable. 


But, the reality is if you fail to take the first step, those thoughts will only get you so far. They can eventually do a 180, make you feel like crap, and lose faith in yourself. Why? Because the more times we make promises to ourselves and fail to show up, the less we trust ourselves. 


The truth of the matter is that starting new a new thing can be scary and intimidating. It's likely that you're going to suck at the thing at first, or there may be a lot of work to do to get started. 


So, get frustrated, and get pissed, but pick yourself up and keep pushing on.

It is an honor to yourself to allow for this; to create space for failure, but to always be failing forward. 


Failing at something is not shameful. Quitting because it's difficult, is. 


So, what is the thing you’ve been talking about, whether to yourself or to others, that you’re not being about?


Hope this message serves as an inspiration to take action. 

We've got your backs. 👊🏻


Love + Gratitude,

💚 Steff & the Nakee Tribe

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